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Home Karaoke Machine

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ISEE karaoke machine supports 4K UHD playback

ISEE Karaoke player allows users to enjoy 4K UHD ultra-high-definition images and delicate sound effects. It not only brings you the best entertainment experience, but also allows you to enjoy a visual and auditory feast at home.

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Easy-to-use phone/tablet control

Simply scan the QR code to connect your smartphone or tablet and control the apps on the system, including pausing playback, switching tracks, raising or lowering the pitch, etc.

Support different audio systems to set up your own karaoke

We offer a variety of karaoke speakers to suit the needs of different families and venues. You can also ask us if the existing speakers at home are suitable for karaoke, and choose speakers and wireless microphones that suit your preferences and voice to set up your own karaoke.

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Easy-to-use interface
Excellent user experience

The user experience and interface are designed according to the needs of Hong Kong people, including sorting, search methods and language operations, all in traditional Chinese. Users can select songs based on singers, rankings, new song recommendations and handwriting search. Users of different ages and nationalities can also find their favorite songs directly and easily on their mobile phones and tablets. In addition, there is a personalized song collection function, allowing users to create their own song request list, so that users will not miss songs every time they sing karaoke, and have more time to discover new songs.


What do I need to set up a home karaoke ?

Suitable for spaces 500 feet or less

ISEE Karaoke Machine

(4TB / 6TB / 8TB)

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Soundbar 2.1(1 Set)


Control via app

How to order ISEE Karaoke?

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1. Submit your query

WhatsApp us or leave your contact information to get the price list and product catalog for reference, we will provide the suitable karaoke audio combination according to your needs.
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2. Showroom Purchase

We recommend that customers visit our showroom to listen to different audio combinations first, so that they can choose the one that best suits them. If you do not need to listen, you can place an order directly via WhatsApp or Email .
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3. Delivery and installation

After confirming the order, someone will contact you to arrange delivery and installation within 3-5 working days. On the day of installation, the technician will also explain the operation method of the karaoke machine and matters that need to be paid attention to.

Customer Cases


Product Specifications


Main control chip: Octa-core 2.0GHz Cortex-A7
Memory capacity: 16/32GB
Supported video formats: H.265, MPEG, TS, DAT, MKV
Supported audio formats: MP3, AC3, DTS, FLAC, AAC
Internal hard drive: Seagate 4TB / 6TB / 8TB
Ports: VGA (for touchscreen monitors) and HDMI (for TVs)
Expanded serial ports: optical, coaxial, stereo R/L, USB2.0, R232, audio out

Power specification: 12V / 5A external power supply
Maximum bit rate support: 12W

Video resolution: 3840 x 2160
Product size: (width) 19cm (length) 19cm (height) 4.5cm

Product weight: 1.25kg (net weight) 2.55kg (gross weight)

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What's in the box?

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ISEE Karaoke
Song Machine
2RCA Cable.png
2RCA cable
HDMI cable
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Wireless remote control
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12V/5A AC adapter
User Manual.png
User Manual
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Technical Support and Maintenance


ISEE Karaoke machines come with one year of free maintenance and Android update service from the date of purchase. In addition to the first year of maintenance service, we also provide permanent free online remote inspection service and paid door-to-door maintenance service. Please contact us for details and terms.

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