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Want to buy a home karaoke machine ?

Partying with friends all night long ?

Do you miss the time when you and your friends went karaoke together in your spare time?

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, we have gradually become accustomed to staying at home to kill time, and opportunities such as singing KTV and returning home late at night have become increasingly slim.


But have you ever thought about setting up your own private karaoke room at home?



Follow these 3 steps to start your karaoke fun now!

1. Purchase ISEE Karaoke Machine

ISEE Karaoke player can play songs in 14 languages including Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean. It offers a wide range of choices, from Cantonese songs to pop songs and even children's songs. The playback quality and sound quality are better than those of ordinary Taobao karaoke players in mainland China. You can enjoy a professional singing experience at home!

TV Mockup-min.jpg
Music Control.png
Use your smartphone/tablet to control ISEE Karaoke machine

Use your smartphone/tablet to control the ISEE Karaoke machine. Simply scan the QR code to connect to your iPhone or Android phone/tablet for control. You can wirelessly control the volume, switch between original and accompaniment, insert or sing again, etc. without the need for an additional touch screen. Users can easily play their favorite and latest songs!

ISEE Karaoke Machine

2. Before you start singing Karaoke , you need a set of stereos!

Generally speaking, karaoke requires a lot of audio equipment, such as wireless microphone system, karaoke pre-effects, post-amplifier/power amplifier, speakers and subwoofers. But have you ever thought that a PartyHouse Soundbar 2.1 / JBL CINEMA KTV350 Soundbar package can achieve the functions of the above equipment? Unlike traditional karaoke audio systems, the following two karaoke soundbar packages not only simplify the entire karaoke setup, but also save space for you and solve the cumbersome connection and audio settings between devices. The most important thing is that the price is more affordable than traditional karaoke audio.

* If you already have a basic stereo at home, you can also WhatsApp: +852 6705 3103 to tell us the model you have and check if it can be used for karaoke.

bk soundbar.png
PartyHouse Soundbar 2.1      
partyhouse znight series 5.1.png
Partyhouse Knight 5.1     
PartyHouse Soundbar 2.1      
Partyhouse Knight 5.1     
3. Let’s start the karaoke party !

We provide free professional karaoke audio installation service to customers who purchase ISEE Karaoke machine.

Whether the space is 200 feet or 3,000 feet, we can provide the right solution for customers to enjoy at home.

The professional karaoke experience adds more fun and entertainment to the family and popularizes karaoke entertainment.

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In addition to the above audio combinations or choices, we have more products to choose from.

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