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FAQ /Karaoke Song Copyright/ Home Use


Private and home use

ISEE karaoke machine is for private and domestic use only. If it is used for commercial or public playback, customers must apply for relevant licenses from record companies and agents. Our customers such as RedMR, Deep Bay Yacht Club, Wan Chai Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong Jockey Club, Shangri-La Hotel and Parkview Resort Club have all applied for copyright licenses.


Respect the copyright of music. If it is used for commercial or public performance, there are two aspects of copyright:

1) Public Performance Rights Licence

2) Karaoke Server License


Both licenses are divided into two categories:

A) The copyright of the composition and lyrics

B) is the record company copyright


It is necessary to apply for the copyright of the composition and lyrics at the same time (public performance rights and server licenses, the agent is CASH) and the record company copyright (the public performance rights agent is PPSEAL (IFPI); the server license agent is PPSEAL (IFPI) and major record companies).


The content and materials on the website are for reference only and do not constitute any legal advice. If you have any legal questions, please consult a lawyer for professional advice.

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