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NEW ISEE (2019)

Enjoy Professional 

Karaoke Experience 



Variety of Music
Genres & Languages

Our library accommodates different types of customers, from classics to pop, in different language such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French etc., in MV version, concert version & HD repair version. Our library will definitely surprise you.

Download from Cloud

Convenient for Updates

Instant download and update library, added intelligent management functions, automatically clean up long-preserved files, and release more memory space for customers to download more.

Mobile Remote

Easier Than Ever​

Support iOS / Android phone and tablet, scan the QR code, you can easily wirelessly sing songs, and control the power amplifier such as volume, microphone, rise/down, switch original/accompaniment, etc. Remote control.Support iOS / Android phone and tablet, simply scan the QR code to access the song selection interface, you may also control the power amplifier such as music volume, microphone volume, keys and effect.

HD picture output 
Dolby surround

Support HD mode, and Dolby 5.1 surround sound. Output to multi devices  different projectors and HDTV at the same time. We ensure all sound is lossless, visual is high quality.

Our Customers:

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Re-define Karaoke


Providing professional karaoke sound system installation service, no matter if the space is 200sqf or 3,000sqf, we provide the most  suitable solutions for users to enjoy professional karaoke, either setting up at home or upgrading existing karaoke business, Supermaster Karaoke System is your best entertainment choice.

ISEE 2019 Karaoke
PartyHouse Soundbar 2.1
PartyHouse PH-12 Speaker
Sennheiser XSW 1-825 Dual Microphone
21.5" Touch Monitor
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