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Webbox 2013

  • Multi-language library, interface and search

  • Preview songs before selection

  • ​Support Mobile & Tablet Control

  • Simple interface suitable for all users

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What is WEBBOX 2013?

One of the best-selling products of Supermaster, it is easy to install and use like home TV set-top box. There are network and stand-alone versions to meet the needs of different customers e.g. home/commercial use. The network version is connected to server with larger capacity, suitable for karaoke venues, nightclubs and other entertainment venues as the network software API interface can link to other POS and management systems. The stand-alone version has built-in 2TB/ 4TB/8TB removable hard drive can which can hold 30,000 to 90,000 songs, it is easier to manage and use, suitable for home and private clubs with less than 5 rooms.

Song Preview
Smart Balance Volume
Multi-Language Interface
Sound Effect
LINUX Operating System

Product Specification


Main Control Chip: US Sigma Designs
Memory Capacity: 265M
Support Video Formats: MPEG, TS, DAT, MKV
Support Audio Formats: MP3, AC3, DTS
Memory Hard Drive: Seagate 2TB/ 4TB/ 8TB
Extended Serial Port: optical fiber, coaxial, stereo R/L, USB2.0, PS2
Power Specifications: 12VDC External Power Supply
Maximum Code Stream Support: 12W
Video Resolution: 1920*1080P
Interface Resolution: 1440*900P
Product Size: 22.5*22.5*60cm

Recommended Set for Home Use

Webbox 2013
PartyHouse Karaoke Soundbar
21.5" Touch Monitor
Mobile/Tablet Control
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Recommended Set for Commercial Use

Webbox 2013
PartyHouse Ph12 Speaker
21.5" Touch Monitor
PartyHouse H-2 All-In-One Amplifier
LDH AUDIO MX-12 Microphone
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Customer Reviews




​“ 剛收到了新一代的ISEE,長開了一個星期也沒有遇到什麼情況,感覺比上一代更流暢和穩定。另外終於加入了雲端加歌,實測速度還算滿意!暫時非常滿意這個產品!”


Ruby Wong


​“ This is a great karaoke system, I originally bought this for my daughter but it works so well we have used it for plenty of parties with friends and families in our home. There are decent numbers of songs for us to play or download, it is perfect for family, letting kids karaoke their favourite songs. You will use this more than you think.




“ 歌曲畫質同聲音都比我以往淘寶買過嘅卡啦OK機好,冇乜消音歌!另外最值得欣賞嘅係廣東歌追得好貼吓!功能雖然冇我以前買過嘅禁花巧同Gimmick嘢,但實用既功能都應有盡有,禁樣反而算係一個加分!”