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21.5" Capacitive Touch Monitor

  • Double-layer physical tempered Mohs 7 explosion-proof glass

  • 1920x1080 HD partition rate, 16.7 million color display

  • Compatible with multi-system operation

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In addition to compatible with Windows, Linux and Android and other operating systems, it also supports horizontal and vertical interface of the song system. The touch screen has 180 degree adjustable angles, allowingsight that best suits your needs.

Adjustable Angle

Place horizontally, vertically and adjustable at different angles

Tailor made for karaoke use, it adopts double-layer physical tempered Mohs 7 explosion-proof glass, which can greatly improve the durability of the screen; the screen supports 24 hours of uninterrupted stable operation, low power consumption with energy saving technology.

Ten-point touch 

16.7 million colors, super wide viewing angle

Streamlined Body

The fuselage is streamlined and designed to be both modern and slim. In addition, it is equipped with a flat glass screen to discard the surface of the infrared screen to solve the shortcomings of poor edge contact.

Product Specifications


Pitch: 0.282mm
Brightness: 300cd/m2
Best display resolution: 1920*1080
Screen ratio: 16:9
Black and white response time: 5msms
Contrast: 1000:1
Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical): 170/160


Power consumption: 40W, standby <0.3W
Touch screen tempered glass thickness: 3mm
Touch resolution: 4096*4096
Touch screen power supply mode: Internal power supply (voltage: +5V DC)
Communication protocol: USB/RS232/PS/2
Display signal input interface: VGA
Power input: 12V 4A external power adapter input

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Customer Reviews



Commercial User



“ I just received a new generation of ISEE. I haven’t encountered any situation for a week. I feel more fluid and stable than the previous generation. They finally joined the cloud and added the song. The measured speed is still satisfactory! I am very satisfied with this product for the time being. !" 


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Ruby Wong

Home User

​“ This is a great karaoke system, I originally bought this for my daughter but it works so well we have used it for plenty of parties with friends and families in our home. There are decent numbers of songs for us to play or download, it is perfect for family, letting kids karaoke their favourite songs. You will use this more than you think.



Home User

“ The quality and sound of the songs are better than the karaoke machines I bought in Taobao. It doesn’t have many processed songs! The most worthy of appreciation is that Guangdong songs are very new and numerous! The function and gimmick are not as many like the one I bought before. But the practical functions are all available, and this has become a plus point!"


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