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PartyHouse H-2
All-In-One Amplifier

  • Advanced 28-/56-BIT high-precision floating-point audio main processor and triple-core 24-bit floating-point effect slave processor

  • Independent research and development professional anti-howling technology

  • User-friendly selection of parameters saved automatically or manually

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​​Two-Channel 350W Digital Combined Power Amplifier

  • Advanced 28-/56-BIT high-precision floating-point audio main processor and triple-core 24-bit floating-point effect slave processor;

  • OLED dot matrix screen, the display effect is better, and the human-machine interface is more friendly;

  • Independent research and development of professional anti-howling technology;

  • With music, microphone, effect boot volume setting and maximum volume lock function;

  • User-friendly selection of parameters saved automatically or manually;

  • Music and microphone seven-band equalization and low cut;

  • Four fixed factory modes and four preset vocal modes, six music modes, six microphone modes, and can be switched to group mode to facilitate the storage and recall of parameter groups (including microphone, music and sound parameters;

  • 功The power amplifier design has short-circuit, overload, over-temperature, limiting, and power-on delay functions, which are safer and more reliable;

  • Using switching power supply, full digital power amplifier technology, providing strong energy, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving.

Function Key Guide

  1. Power Switch

  2. Key Control

  3. Input mode selection button; adjustment range: BGM/AUX/AUTO/Enter auto save switch selection

  4. Microphone mode selection

  5. Music mode selection

  6. Infrared receiver

  7. OLED display

  8. Effect mode selection

  9. Switch the microphone external anti-howling processor to join the selection / function parameter adjustment when the page up / enter the automatic save switch selection and group call function is turned on, the cycle selects the automatic save on and off

10. Switch the excitation of the music signal to the selection/function parameter adjustment. Turn the page/enter the auto-save switch selection and group call function to open the cycle selection group to call the on and off

11. Microphone input adjustment

12. Microphone input socket

13. Music volume adjustment knob

14. Microphone volume adjustment knob

15. In the normal state, the effect volume is adjusted, and when the function parameter is selected, the function adjustment is added and subtracted

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Customer Reviews



Commercial User

“ I just received a new generation of ISEE. I haven’t encountered any situation for a week. I feel more fluid and stable than the previous generation. They finally joined the cloud and added the song. The measured speed is still satisfactory! I am very satisfied with this product for the time being. !" 


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Ruby Wong

Home User

​“ This is a great karaoke system, I originally bought this for my daughter but it works so well we have used it for plenty of parties with friends and families in our home. There are decent numbers of songs for us to play or download, it is perfect for family, letting kids karaoke their favourite songs. You will use this more than you think.




" The quality and sound of the songs are better than the karaoke machines I bought in Taobao. It doesn’t have many processed songs! The most worthy of appreciation is that Guangdong songs are very new and numerous! The function and gimmick are not as many like the one I bought before. But the practical functions are all available, and this has become a plus point!"


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