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LDH Audio MX-12

  • The world's first IR automatic channel tracking button

  • Automatic channel search and Undisturbed Channel Function

  • Multiple patents, multinational radio wave regulations and safety certification

  • UHFPLL circuit is used to lock the mute control with audio code and noise

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The UHFPLL circuit is used to lock the mute control with the audio code and the noise, which not only can receive from a far distance. Moreover, it eliminates the lack of sound and reception instability and prevents radiation noise interference such as karaoke machines, computers, and DVD drives.

  • With the world's first IR automatic channel chasing button, the transmitter can automatically and accurately lock the working channel of the receiver with one push, without any errors or malfunctions.

  • The 1U metal chassis has a built-in dual-channel receiver module with the professional quality of rugged, heat-resistant and isolated harmonic radiation interference.

  • With the automatic search for uninterrupted channel function, as soon as UP/DOWN is pressed, the receiver will automatically scan the preset 200 groups of non-interfering frequencies and lock the uninterrupted working channel.

  • This machine is the easiest, most convenient, most powerful, and most stable luxury model. It can achieve the most satisfactory results in a variety of complex professional singing environments.

  • It has a number of patents, through multinational wave regulations and safety certification.

Product Specifications

  • Bandwidth: 50MHz

  • Frequency interval: 250KH

  • Carrier frequency band: UHF620~950MHz

  • Number of channel groups: dual channel

  • Chassis material: metal chassis

  • Chassis Specifications: EIA Standard 1U

  • Scope of application: Karaoke private room

  • RF stability: ±0.005% (-10~50°C)

  • Oscillation mode: PLL phase lock frequency synthesis

  • Switchable frequency: 200 groups

  • Receiving method: dual tuner automatic selection

  • Frequency adjustment: As long as the UP/DOWN function button is pressed, the preset undisturbed channel can be automatically scanned and locked immediately. As soon as you press the SET function button, the transmitter can automatically chase the same working channel of the receiver.

  • Hand-held parameters: It has an LCD display and displays the transmission channel. The power supply is internally equipped with a power lock switch to prevent the user from using it incorrectly.

  • Maximum input voltage: 140dBSPL

  • Maximum offset: ±70KHz

  • Optional sound head: moving coil type.

  • Use two sections number 5: two sections of battery.

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Customer Reviews



Commercial User

“ I just received a new generation of ISEE. I haven’t encountered any situation for a week. I feel more fluid and stable than the previous generation. They finally joined the cloud and added the song. The measured speed is still satisfactory! I am very satisfied with this product for the time being. !" 


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Ruby Wong

Home User

​“ This is a great karaoke system, I originally bought this for my daughter but it works so well we have used it for plenty of parties with friends and families in our home. There are decent numbers of songs for us to play or download, it is perfect for family, letting kids karaoke their favourite songs. You will use this more than you think.



Home User

“ The quality and sound of the songs are better than the karaoke machines I bought in Taobao. It doesn’t have many processed songs! The most worthy of appreciation is that Guangdong songs are very new and numerous! The function and gimmick are not as many like the one I bought before. But the practical functions are all available, and this has become a plus point!"


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