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ISEE Karaoke Box

In April 2019, the new ISEE 2019 is officially launched.​​

  • Upgraded hardware for indeterminate performance

  • Cloud download and intelligent management functions

  • ​New wireless remote control interface

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Innovative, Best UI/UX
Karaoke System

Cannot find the songs you want?
Don't have any idea on what to sing?

Karaoke could not have been more fun and easier with ISEE 2019, we gathered all users feedback and developed the better UI/UX for everyone. Not only having all you want in the library, ISEE 2019 will also guide you to choose great songs that might have been forgotten.


Cloud Download

Via the cloud platform, users can solve cumbersome steps by automatic download and update data in the system and library. The system will also automatically clean up the long-preserved files, freeing up more memory space for users to enjoy the latest and most complete library every day without any worries.

Sound Effect

Perfect support for 5.1 surround sound, with powerful Dolby loopback technology and processing, users can clearly perceive the sound from different positions, making each music detail accurate and not distorted. Users can now enjoy the original sound as in they are in the studio or concert.

4K Extreme Quality

ISEE 2019 output a variety of high-definition modes such as 4K, 1080p and 720p, showing unprecedented rich details and showing super-realistic quality that has never been imagined. For reminiscing classic songs in the 50s/60s, we have also repaired the videos in HD mode, users will definitely enjoy it.

Mobile Remote

 Support iOS / Android phone and tablet, scan the QR code, you can easily wirelessly sing songs, and control the power amplifier such as volume, microphone, rise/down, switch original/accompaniment, etc. Remote control.Support iOS / Android phone and tablet, simply scan the QR code to access the song selection interface wirelessly, you may also control the power amplifier such as music volume, microphone volume, keys and effect. One remote, one microphone, sing along.

Product Specification

Main Control Chip: Eight core 2.0GHz Cortex-A7
Memory Capacity: 16/32GB
Support Video Formats: H.265, MPEG, TS, DAT, MKV
Support Audio Formats: MP3, AC3, DTS, FLAC, AAC
Audio Decoding: Dolby 5.1 Digital Surround
Memory Hard Drive: Seagate 6TB/ 8TB
Extended serial port: optical fibre, coaxial, stereo R/L, USB2.0, R232, microphone input, audio output
Power Specifications: 12VDC External Power Supply
Maximum Code Stream Support: 12W
Video Resolution: 3840X2160

Interface Resolution: 1080 X 1920
Product Size: (W) 19cm (L) 19cm (H) 4.5cm

Product Weight: 1100 grams


Recommended Set for Home Use

ISEE (2019)
Screenshot 2021-03-11 at 2.24
21.5" Touch Monitor
Mobile/Tablet Control
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Recommended Set for Commercial Use

ISEE (2019)
JBL XS 08 Speaker
21.5" Touch Monitor
PartyHouse H-2 All-In-One Amplifier
JBL VM 300
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Commercial User

“ I just received a new generation of ISEE. I haven’t encountered any situation for a week. I feel more fluid and stable than the previous generation. They finally joined the cloud and added the song. The measured speed is still satisfactory! I am very satisfied with this product for the time being. !" 


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Ruby Wong

Home User

​“ This is a great karaoke system, I originally bought this for my daughter but it works so well we have used it for plenty of parties with friends and families in our home. There are decent numbers of songs for us to play or download, it is perfect for family, letting kids karaoke their favourite songs. You will use this more than you think.



Home User

“ The quality and sound of the songs are better than the karaoke machines I bought in Taobao. It doesn’t have many processed songs! The most worthy of appreciation is that Guangdong songs are very new and numerous! The function and gimmick are not as many like the one I bought before. But the practical functions are all available, and this has become a plus point!"


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