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  • Hong Kong authentic product, with two years warranty

  • the First Wireless Microphone System under the JBL Entertainment brand

  • operates smoothly in the UHF ultra-high frequency range, effectively avoiding interference, transmitting signals stably, and delivering pure and perfect sound quality.

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JBL Entertainment’s First Custom-Designed Wireless Microphone System

Today, with the cultural and entertainment diversity and the rise of personalized consumption, the entertainment market has put forward new demands and new requirements for hardware products. In order to comply with new trends and seize new opportunities in the ever-changing market, JBL VM300 Entertainment’s first custom-designed wireless microphone system It came into being!


As the first wireless microphone system under the JBL Entertainment brand, the JBL VM300 includes a wireless receiver SR300 and two handheld microphones, the HT300, which delivers pure natural sound, full-bodied vocals and fearlessness for KTV entertainment or professional-grade sound reinforcement applications.

The VM300 is carefully tuned to JBL Entertainment’s classic sound quality requirements, matching JBL Entertainment KTV speaker products for debugging to create an extraordinary and enjoyable singing experience. The VM300 emphasizes the singularity and the throat. The vocals are full and thick, the mid-frequency is round and transparent, and the high-frequency is delicate and soft. Whether it is low-pitched or sing-along, it has a good performance.

Thanks to the Harman Group’s deep technical know-how in the field of microphones, the VM300 operates smoothly in the UHF ultra-high frequency range, effectively avoiding interference, transmitting signals stably, and delivering pure and perfect sound quality.


The VM300 has passed the stringent product testing standards to ensure the stability and durability of the VM300, adapting to a variety of complex environments.


The VM300 is also equipped with a variety of advanced “black technology”


1. Automatic frequency sweeping technology-

Search for clean spots in the environment with a single click.-

2. Provide multiple sets of preset channel/frequency module

Combined with the automatic frequency sweep function, the frequency setting difficulty and workload of large KTV entertainment venues are greatly reduced.


3. The system is equipped with SHAKE TO SYNC technology

Achieve smooth frequency operation.


4. Infrared frequency matching technology

The mature infrared frequency matching technology makes the setting more convenient and the operation is easier.

5. Intelligent operation

Flexible, efficient and efficient

6. Other Features

Preset frequency/channel module, automatic frequency sweep, SHAKE TO SYNC, infrared frequency, high/low RF power-adjustable, smart mute, intelligent wake-up, intelligent sleep, can achieve a fast response of the microphone, intelligent, efficient and convenient Features.


JBL VM300 Personalized entertainment custom new products, to meet the diverse needs of the public for a variety of entertainment, personality sound effects, wireless convenience and flexibility, simple operation and commissioning, with outstanding sound as the soul, bring users a drizzling entertainment experience, give modern leisure Life is a new interpretation.

Product Specification

Carrier Frequencies: 640-690 MHz

Working Range: 300′ (100 m)
Switching Bandwidth Up To: 30 MHz 30 MHz
Modulation: FM FM
Audio Transmission Bandwidth: 50 – 18,000 Hz 50 – 18,000 Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion At: 1 kHz typ. ≤ 0.8% typ. ≤ 0.8%
Signal/S/N Ratio Type: 105 dB(A) typ. 105 dB(A)
Transmission Power: 10 mW, 5 mW –
Voltage Supply: 2 x 1.5 V battery size AA Power supply unit 12 V / 500 mA
Operating Time: ≥ 8 hr –
Audio Output:  XLR symmetric and 6.3 mm jack plug asymmetric:
Adjustable from microphone to line level. Output level
at rated travel: 550 mV eff.
Dimensions: Φ35 x 250 mm 210 x 194 x 43 mm
Packaging Dimensions: 428 (L) x 332 (W) x 77 (H) mm
Shipping Weight: 2500g

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